April 01, 2022 – Beginning of New Session 2022-23

The new academic session 2022-23 commenced on April 1, 2022, with the bhog of Sehaj Path. The students recited Path and Shabad Kirtan and mesmerized everyone present on the occasion with their divine chanting of the name Waheguru. Honourable Director  S. Jagdish Singh addressed the students and teachers with words of wisdom and motivation to gear up for the session with great zest and zeal. Principal S. Gurpreet Singh concluded the event with a promising note to touch the pinnacles of success in the future.

April 12, 2022 – Turban and Dumala Tying Competition

Keeping up with the tradition of celebrating all the festivals with great fervor and gaiety and acquainting the students with the rich culture and heritage of Punjab, the Celebration of Khalsa Sajna Divas was held on April 12, 2022, on the premises of Modern high School with great zeal. Turban and Dumala tying competition was organized on the premises to revive, recall and redress the preachings of Sikh Guru Saheban and Gurmat principles. Students tied turbans of various eye-catching and beautiful hues and colors and tried their hands at different styles. More than 30 students participated from classes VIII to XII under two categories “Juniors and Senior” with enthusiasm and vibrant energy. They displayed their talent in tying a turban in various distinguished styles within a stipulated time. The motive of the competition was just to motivate the students to tie turbans as the youth of present-day Punjab is losing interest in Dastaar day by day. Principal S. Gurpreet Singh shared his views about the event that the school is committed to providing requisite education to the students along with inculcating moral values and also inspiring them to follow the path shown by the Sikh Guru in their lives practically. All the winners were awarded trophies and a certificate of Appreciation.


To administer the COVID-19 vaccine to the students of the age group of 15 – 18 years, a COVID vaccination camp was organized on the premises of a modern high school on April 12, 2022. The camp was conducted by Doctor Pardeep Jain (Civil Hospital) who sent his team of trained nurses to vaccine the students. The volunteers with the consent of their parents pre-registered themselves and received their first or second dose of COVAXINE under the supervision of school faculty members. The vaccination camp was held successfully.


The competitions pave the way for the students to rejuvenate their spirits, remain rooted in moral values, and unleash their vitality as the world of imagination is boundless. English literary Club of Modern High School held two competitions for classes IX to XII on April 15, 2022, within the school premises. The well-planned competitions of SLOGAN WRITING in class IX and Poster Making in class XII were conducted focussing on brushing up students’ talents. More than 40 students participated with vigor. Each participant was given the opportunity and the platform to present themselves as an individual. The topics were allotted as per class and the students expressed their creativity and thoughts on the given topics by drawing and writing slogans and quotes through exquisitely designed posters. One could see and feel the enthusiasm that the students had in their presentation. They all were judged on the parameters of content relevance, creativity, neatness, overall visual appeal, etc. The activities kept the students engaged and gave them a platform to explore their creativity and showcase their artistic skills.


To make the students aware of the importance of the cultural heritage and its preservation, an Article Writing Competition of class VIII was conducted in a modern high school on April 18, 2022 – World Heritage Day. Several 25 volunteers participated in the competition and expressed their views on the assigned topic – monuments and sites. This activity provided an opportunity to emphasize the importance of intergenerational exchanges when it comes to safeguarding and celebrating our heritage.


On the occasion of World Heritage Day, a PowerPoint Presentation contest for Class – IX & X was organized by Social Science Club on April 18, 2022. Volunteers of the above-mentioned classes participated with zest. Topics taken up for the presentation were Incredible India, the Best heritage sites of the world, the Seven Wonders of the World, and the tallest buildings in the world. The participants were allowed to use a maximum of 15 slides within the stipulated time. They displayed great confidence and interacted with each other while giving the presentation. The students were judged based on content, creativity, originality, presentation, etc. The aim of organizing this activity was to make the students aware of the diversity of World Heritage sites and the efforts essential in protecting and conserving them.


World Health Day was celebrated solemnly on the premises of a modern high school on April 7, 2022. Volunteers of Class-IX enthusiastically participated in the Slogan Writing Contest and also delivered speeches sharing awareness messages. They made beautiful and meaningful slogans depicting how taking healthy food, doing regular exercise, etc. will help us in maintaining good health, thereby making the world a fairer and healthier place to live in. Students also pledged to keep their minds and bodies healthy. On the whole, the day was celebrated in its true fervor.


A digital poster-making competition for class IX was organized by the IT department of Modern High School on April 21, 2022. The topics assigned for the competition were – Save Environment and Green Economy. More than 20 students participated and displayed the best of their executive side and were actively involved in the activity. The activity aimed to keep our students engaged and provide the best platform to showcase their talent and innovative ideas.

April 21, 22, 2022 – EARTH DAY CELEBRATION

To mark the 52nd Anniversary of Earth Day celebrations, Various creative activities were organized for classes VIII & X by Science Forum in modern high school to highlight the importance of the day and advised all to stop the felling of trees, avoid the usage of plastics and water wastage and try to reduce, reuse and recycle the wastage. Poster making competition of Class VIII gave the students a platform to portray a healthy environment in their posters. As many as 50 students painted their perceptions on paper about saving the planet Earth from pollution and other damages and also the uniqueness of the planet was showcased through the variations of Colours. A mini-book competition was also conducted for class 10th depicting the theme ‘Invest In Our Planet’. 40 volunteers participated enthusiastically and created mini books reflecting the bountiful gifts of Mother Earth and suggested steps to preserve nature. These competitions aimed to pay tribute to Mother Earth and sensitize students about climate change and global warming.

To commemorate the 400th Prakash Purab of Ninth Sikh Guru Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji and disseminate his teachings among the students, a slogan writing competition for classes VIII to X was conducted in modern high school on April 22, 2022, by Punjabi Likhari Sabha. Volunteers participated and wrote beautiful slogans depicting the life, philosophy, teachings, Gurbani, and sacrifice of Sri Guru Teg Bahadur. This activity helped to advocate Guruji’s belief in respecting all faiths and living in peace and mutual harmony.


To develop explicit lexical knowledge through intensive reading and instill confidence, fluency, and interest in reading the English language, a reading comprehension activity of class VIII was conducted in Modern High School on April 22, 2022, by the English literary club. Students participated actively and performed with excellence. They all were provided with the worksheets containing 2 passages, discursive and poetry based. They read the passages and answered the questions thoughtfully. The activity helped to promote reading skills and increase vocabulary and love for the language.


A Mathematics Riddle activity of class VIII was conducted by Mathematics Club on April 29th, 2022. As many as 60 volunteers participated in the activity and showed different approaches to particular problems and did well. The motive of the maths riddle activity was to challenge lateral thinking and develop reasoning and problem-solving skills among the students. These tricky maths riddles help the students to learn and understand the ‘Why’ behind the ‘What’ of any mathematical concept in a fun way.


A wide range of exciting and engaging activities are organized to promote fluency, reasoning, problem-solving, etc. Such activity of mathematics seminar of Class IX and X was conducted on May 11, 2022, by the Mathematics club. The topics assigned for the seminar were Euclid’s Geometry for Class – IX and Co-ordinate Geometry for Class – X. As many as 30 students participated in this activity and delivered seminars exceptionally and well mannered within the stipulated time and covered all the aspects of the given topics. Some students came up with Powerpoint presentations and created an engaging slideshow. All in all, it was a knowledgeable activity.


Aimed to address the soil crises and the world to stand up for soil health, a global movement to invoke a conscious approach to soil and plant in all, has been launched by Sadhguru Maharaj. To support this movement, a poster-making competition was organized by the Social Science Club of Modern High School. Volunteers of Class-IX & X participated and designed beautiful posters addressing the urgent need to stop soil pollution. The students also wrote letters to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi requesting the need to protect the mother of all mothers “The Soil”. They suggested that If the soil is healthy we will be healthy too.


The 130th year of the school foundation day was celebrated on May 13, 2022, on the campus of Modern High School. Director S. Jagdish Singh and all the Principals of the SSSS Group of schools and colleges paid obeisance at Golden Temple along with the volunteer students to express their gratitude for His benedictions to SSSSians. All the students and teachers were attired in white dress and recited mesmerizing Shabad kirtan and Ardas. Giani Kawal Singh and Head Granthi of HarimandirSahib. S. Gurpreet Singh(Principal, Modern High Schoo. Director S. Jagdish Singh highlighted the unique features of the SSSS Institutions. Sardarni Swarn Kaur, S. Manmohan Singh, Dr. Manpreet Kaur, S. Satinder Singh, S. Gurpreet Singh, S. Sukhwinder Singh, Madam Arvinder kaur, and Madam Savita  graced the occasion.